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The application allows to export the WordPress eXtended RSS file to BlogEngine.NET Xml files. Only WordPress version 2.9.2 and 3.3 were tested. In WordPress 3.3 you might need to open the XML and delete the rows starting with "<atom:link". This file is not well formatted as it misses atom namespace.


The following values should be provided in the UI. All the values except the "Relative Image Folder" are mandatories.

  • Wordpress File - WordPress file to be exported.
  • Post Folder - folder where the category, post and page files will be saved. Posts and pages subfolders will be created if they do not exists. These three entities should be copied in the App_Data folder on you blog.
  • Local Image Folder - folder where the images will be downloaded if the "Download Images" check box is checked. These files should be copied in App_Data\files folder.
  • Blog URL - Url of the blog.
  • Relative Image Folder - relative value to the App_Data\files folder. If the images are copied directly to the App_Data\files then this value should be empty. If for instance, the images are copied to the folder App_Data\files\wordpress-import then Relative Image folder should have "wordpress-import" value.
  • Author - the author name, Admin by default.
  • Include Draft - draft posts will be included. By default they are not included.
  • Download Images - when checked WordPress blog images will be downloaded into the " Local Image Folder"
  • Add Image Drop Shadow - adds a drop shadow to the thumbnail image.

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